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The Crawl Space

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Thank you. There is lots of mold down here and I am concerned that just putting the moisture barrier back will cause mold or rot. - . 7/7/7568

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The mold that thrives in a damp crawl space won’t just damage wood and other organic materials in the crawl space. Research has shown that up to 95% of the air we breathe upstairs comes from the basement or crawl space, so the potential for hazardous indoor air pollution (from airborne mold spores) is very high. These are serious problems.

The simplest way to close foundation vents for the winter is to plug them from the outside with foam blocks made specifically for this purpose. Just remember to remove the plugs when the weather turns mild in the spring. As you do that chore, check to make sure that the vent screens are intact so that insects and other critters don't make a home under your house. Automatic vents are less fuss. Air Vent makes ones that open at about 75 degrees F, close about 95, and don't require any electricity.

Damp or wet crawl spaces or basements are often a source of health and structural problems in buildings. Wet areas beneath the occupied space invite mold contamination, insect attack, and structural rot and may also contribute to bacterial hazards. Keeping these spaces dry and clean is not difficult if we address the steps needed in the right order.

I would close the crawl space vents,
Inspect for and fix any leaks into the crawl space from roof drainage or surface runoff
Inspect for rot, insect damage, mold and clean, fix, treat if needed
Then install a dehumidifier in that space - one that automatically drains to a suitable location

9) Given low clearance what is best way to insulate this CS? Rigid insulation laid on the ground over poly? Remove subfloor and insulate from above?

Gary: Any wood in direct contact with the soil will rot unless it 8767 s pressure treated. I would suggest pressure-treated framing near ground level and exterior cladding (sheathing and/or siding) that can 8767 t be damaged by moisture composite or plastic boards. Air-seal and insulate the rim joist carefully, using a combination of 6-part spray foam and rigid foam board. This same technique will work for insulating between the studs of your crawl space wall.

Hi Tim Thanks for the very informative post!!! Real quick (probably naive) question: How do I mount the rigid foam board to the crawlspace wall? I live in northern NJ probably have a fairly typical crawlspace floor is concrete and walls are block.

Fill the ends of joist bays with rectangles cut from rigid board insulation. Use foam sealant, such as Great Stuff, to seal the joints. Use caulk or foam sealant to seal the joint between the top of the crawl space wall and the sill.