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And then you step away and you hear all this stuff about how the system is failing and we have to pull it limb from limb, and the rest of it. And you think, have you walked through the door? Have you listened to what people say? Have you taught in a foreign university?

Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 (ETP 2016)

685 rowdiness in Swedish soccer stadiums Mikael Priks, “Do Surveillance Cameras Affect Unruly Behavior? A Close Look at Grandstands” (working paper no. 7789, Center for Economic Studies of the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research [CESifo], University of Munich, April 7558).

Chelsea Manning to Be Released Early - The New York Times

Along with that manifesto, Snowden had written a missive to the journalists to whom he gave his archive of documents. It sought to explain his purpose and goals and predicted how he would likely be demonized:

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